Skoda Octavia Mk1 bulb type INTERIOR CEILING LIGHT

What type of bulb fits on interior ceiling or roof light Skoda Octavia Mk1.

In front of the car.

Product line ORIGINAL

Order no SKU 6411

ECE category, fitting C10W

Technical data (voltage, wattage) 12V 10W SV8,5-8


  • OEM quality
  • Excellent value for money
  • Impressive brightness and reliability

The cost-effective original spare parts

The ORIGINAL festoon lamps with OSRAM´s reliable OEM quality can be used as original spare parts for a wide range of festoon lamps. The typical application areas of the lamps are number plate and side position lights as well as interior lighting and reading lights.

On the back.


Order no SKU 2825HCBI.

ECE category, fitting W5W.

Technical data (voltage, wattage) 12V 5W W2,1×9,5d.


  • Bluish-white light for xenon look
  • Up to 20 % brighter(1)
  • Color temperatures up to 4,200 K
  • Ideal for use in clear-glass headlights

(1) Compared with standard lamps, subjective perception

The bluish-white light with up to 4,000 K

COOL BLUE INTENSE signal lamps convince with their stylish appearance. Their bluish-white light with a color temperature up to 4,000 Kelvin provides a cool xenon look. The lamps can be used for number plate lights as well as for position and parking lights.

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