Skoda Octavia 1 Tour light bulb type

Skoda Octavia 1 Tour the year 1996-2010 inclusive Facelift made after 2009 where only the mirrors were changed (similar to those on Skoda Fabia 2). Octavia I front, side, back, and interior bulbs type. Lower, all bulbs models put on numbers, below the attached image with the car. Each number is a link to the bulb type. If your car is different or you want to know something else, leave us a comment or ask a question at the rubric Ask a MECHANIC and we will come back with an answer.

All bulbs on the Skoda Octavia I Tour 1996-until December 2010.

Front and side bulbs Skoda Octavia mk1 1996-2010.

Skoda Octavia mk1 bulb model

  1. Low and High beam halogen or Low and High beam xenon (both phases are placed on the same bulb)
  2. Fog lamp
  3. Front direction signal indicator
  4. Wing side direction indicator signal
  5. Parking light

Back and interior bulbs Skoda Octavia first-generation 1996-2010.

  1. Brake stop back lamp
  2. Back rear fog bulb type
  3. Tail light
  4. License plate light
  5. Back-up light
  6. Back signal direction indicator
  7. Reading light
  8. Interior roof light
  9. Trunk bulb type.