VW Polo V bulbs model

VW Polo V (6R1, 6C1) bulb type & number

Volkswagen Polo 5 V 6R1, 6C1 year 2009-2016 inclusive Facelift, front, side, back, and interior bulbs type. See all bulb models and number SKU below the attached image with the car. Each number is a link to the bulb type. If your car is different or you want to know about another model, leave us a comment.

All bulbs for this two model here.

Front and side bulbs VW Polo fifth-generation non facelift 2009-2014.

VW Polo V bulbs model

  1. Low and High beams on the same bulb.
  2. Front direction indicator.
  3. Parking light.
  4. Fog lamps.
  5. Daytime running light for Polo 6R_ and for Polo 6C_
  6. Mirror turn signal.

Front and side bulbs VW Polo Facelift fifth-generation 2014-2016.

VW Polo V bulbs model

  1. Low beam bulb.
  2. Hight beam bulb.
  3. Parking light.
  4. Turn signal headlamp.
  5. Fog lamps.
  6. Daytime running light.
  7. Mirror turn signal.