Skoda Yeti light bulb diagram

Skoda Yeti year 2009-2013 front, side, back, and interior bulb type and , this article will gone help you to find the correct bulb model. The numbers in the picture represent a link to each type of light bulb. Click on the blue lettering to see the bulb specification.

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Front and side bulb Skoda Yeti non-facelift, year 2009-2013.

  1. Low beam headlight and high beam are placed on the same bulb.

  2. Parking side light.

  3. Front turn signal bulb.

  4. Fog bulb type.

  5. Daylight bulb.

  6. Mirror LED signal.

Skoda Yeti back lamp bulb model

Skoda Yeti rear bulbs model.

  1. Rear direction indicator bulb type.

  2. Tail light.

  3. Brake bulb.

  4. Rear fog lamp.

  5. Back-up lamp.

  6. License plate light.

Skoda Yeti interior lights bulbs specification.

  1. Ceiling/roof light.

  2. Bulb lamp inside front door panel left and right.

  3. Trunk light bulb type.

  4. Front roof bulb model/

  5. Rear reading light bulb type.