Kia Picanto I bulb model parking light headlamp

Kia Picanto Mk1 2003-2011 bulb type PARKING LIGHT HEADLAMP

Kia Picanto Mk1 first generation what type and color is the parking or side light bulb placed in the headlight, year 2003-2011.

This model is also called:

  • Kia Morning
  • Kia Picanto Morning
  • Kia EuroStar (Taiwan)
  • Kia Eko Taxi (Colombia)
  • Naza Suria (Malaysia)
  • Naza Picanto (Malaysia)

Kia Picanto I non-facelift 2003-2007 and facelift 2008-2011 have the exact bulb specification only that the headlights have a different shape, see the below picture.

Product line ORIGINAL W5W.

Order no SKU 2825.

ECE category, W5W.

Technical data 12.0 V 5.00 W W2.1×9.5d.

 Kia Picanto I bulb model parking light headlamp

Video tutorial how to replace parking bulb Kia Picanto first generation non-facelift.

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