BMW 1 Series E82 headlight bulbs type

BMW 1 Series E82 2006-2013 bulb type LOW BEAM HEADLIGHT

What type of low beam bulb fits on a headlight BMW 1 Series E82 made between 2006-2013.

DIY how to fix low beam bulb on a BMW 1 series.

For cars with halogen headlamps.

Product line ORIGINAL H7.

Order no SKU 64210.

ECE category, fitting H7.

Technical data 12V 55W PX26d.

BMW 1 Series E82 headlights bulbs type

For BMW 1 Series E82 with bi-xenon.

Product line XENARC® ORIGINAL D1S.

Order no SKU 66140.

ECE category, fitting D1S.

Technical data 85V 35W PK32d-2.

BMW 1 Series E82 headlamps bulbs type

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